On March 31st 2018 Hamilton Spectator, McMaster University, associate professor and chair of the Eco-Entrepreneurship,  Mr. Lotfi Belkhir, states that Canada’s entire 2016 carbon footprint is about 730 Megatonnes of carbon dioxide and is expected to decrease by the year 2020.  A recent new report tabled in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 by the Federal Liberal party of Canada states that Canada is going to overshoot its carbon dioxide emissions for year 2020 by 20%. Who should the average non science person believe?

The federal Liberals report, was a summary of the meeting of the minds of the auditor generals of the nine provinces and the Federal Environment Commissioner that highlighted the year 2020, “common shortcomings”, in how different levels of governments in Canada are combating green house gas emissions. The authors concluded that Canada is on track to overshoot its emissions targets for the year 2020 by 20% and more action is needed to meet the Paris agreement targets by 2030. Keep it simple and consider only the 2030 targets. Continually mentioning interim targets only confuses most Canadians with too many numbers to remember.

In Paris in 2015, the Justin Trudeau Liberals agreed to adopt PM Stephen Harper’s identical GHG emission targets for 2030, that PM Stephen Harper also knew could not be realistically met. Let us do some SIMPLE MATHEMATICS. Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 were 747 Megatonnes (Mt/year). Reducing the 2005 emissions by 30% means that Canada cannot emit more than 523 Mt/year a year, after Jan 1, 2030 until the end of time or a third world war occurs or which ever comes first. Where and/or how are Canadians going to eliminate 224 Megatonnes of CO2 emissions per year, starting in 2030? A carbon tax or a cap and trade system will not do it! Using 2014 Federal data shows that the average Canadian is responsible for generating 21 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. So either the Federal Liberals make/force Canadians to reduce their 21 tonnes by 6.3 tonnes every year or they ask 11 million Canadians to leave.

If in doubt, please go to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change web site to verify these numbers. While you are at it, email Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna and ask her to explain to Canadians the detailed plan called, PAN CANADIAN FRAMEWORK, on climate change. BUT PLEASE don’t just accept her recent statement that, “the government remains 100 percent committed to attaining the Paris Agreement target”. That is not a good enough answer!

Ask Catherine McKenna to have the government take out a full page newspaper advertisement in all the major newspapers and give us a line by line analysis of the various energy sectors. She should also post this information on the Governments web site, like an Energy Budget. Line by line additions and subtractions for the year 2020.

Canadians must demand this information NOW, else the Federal Liberals will pass the buck in the 2019 election as an excuse for not being on track in achieving the impossible 2030 emissions goals. Just like the Federal Liberals did in the forgotten unmet emission goals in the Kyoto accord failure! Canadians must find out now, before the 2019 election that Canada is not going to meet its Paris emission goals in 2030. It’s a blatant tax grab! Immediate concern is essential because the unknown, unrealistic, PAN CANADIAN FRAMEWORK tax “plan” regarding climate change is ludicrous and is a very expensive and unnecessary DEBT burden that will be paid for by our children and grandchildren. 


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One ton is 2000 pounds. One Tonne is 1000 Kilograms (2,205 pounds). Mt is the metric symbol for Megatonnes, a million tonnes, that the professor carelessly uses interchangeably in the article. Tons and tonnes are not the same.