Climate Skeptic Arguments Don’t Hold Water (or Ice)

Religion is a personal belief system based on faith. Science is based on facts. Science is a quest for knowledge based upon verifiable observations. Some people, even some scientists, are incapable of understanding the difference between these two concepts.

I listen to John Moore’s CFRB AM1010, talk radio most every day and enjoy his topics and candor. John usually covers and discusses most topics in a fair manner. John Moore is very well read in general, speaks well, and is extremely articulate however he does not understand THERMODYNAMICS, as do a lot of other people and even some scientists. Being well read does not necessarily imply one understands what they read. Parrots can mimic human speech but they don’t understand the words. In his National Post newspaper article, “Climate Skeptic Arguments Don’t Hold Water (or Ice)”, John Moore demonstrates his ignorance of science. Proof positive is John’s confusion regarding climate change and his failure to understand that it cannot be explained simply by temperature alone.

In his article, his remark, “The deniers are obsessed with temperature…” is exactly backwards. It’s the United Nations IPCC and the apocalyptic global warming crowd that is obsessed with temperature. The most obvious obsession of all with temperature is the “hockey stick” graph the United Nations IPCC and Al Gore’s movie made into a “global warming” icon. That infamous historical temperature graph has since fallen from grace because it has been exposed as a work of artistic freedom and computer modeling misinformation of proxy temperature statistics (by two Canadians I might add). Historical graphs of temperature statistics are just that, statistics. The average global temperature graphs, whether they go up or down are an exercise in an almost meaningless endeavour. The average global temperature is as meaningful as the average global telephone number. In his newspaper article, John Moore comments on the lack of outdoor hockey rinks in Canada as more proof of global warming. It is amusing and sad the degree of faith that John Moore has in the UN IPCC bureaucrats, Al Gore and now the guys who maintain outdoor hockey rinks in Canada. Could this be the start of a new Zamboni theory of global warming?

One can only intelligently describe a system or a state by a single number called temperature when that system or state is in Thermodynamic Equilibrium and not changing with time. It is impossible to prove or disprove earth is in a state of thermodynamic equilibrium just as it is impossible to prove that there is or isn’t a GOD.

Climate change has been occurring on this planet since its formation. All of the variables influencing climate change must be studied if we are ever going to adapt to climate change, not just the man made variables, as according to a United Nations, IPCC decree.

Sadly many people now think of climate change as simply temperature and carbon dioxide and both must be lowered or else we all are going to perish in the very near future. The acceptance of this oversimplified, dumbed down, explanation of climate change is going to cost all of us dearly. The devastating social consequences of United Nations blunders (and there have been many) will affect future generations but not the pontificating bureaucrats at the top of the ladder of command that are bent on saving us from our ignorance! By not taking a sincere interest or at least having an awareness in the study of science, people are destined to be ruled by unelected United Nations bureaucrats and relinquish most of their freedoms. Get ready for 1984 and be very afraid of social engineers! No one has the right to dictate your life style especially if they are not going to suffer the same consequences! Walk the talk comes to mind!

If you want to get excited about “global something” then consider global pollution and water pollution in particular (salt water and fresh water). And yes global pollution is increasing and we can measure those phenomena very very accurately and do something positive about it! Supreme arrogance comes to mind when listening to people who sit around and fabricate and mandate carbon dioxide levels that are not going to be achieved in the future especially when the fabricators will probably not be around to be accountable.