Summary of Schedules

A summary of the types of amortization schedules the MORTGAGE2 PRO software package calculates:

1.. A fixed rate mortgage (FRM) with blended monthly payments.

2.. A negative amortization schedule where all or some of the payments are set to zero.

3.. An amortization schedule with missing payments and the interest is recapitalized (deemed reinvestment) with or without penalties being charged.

4.. ARM An adjustable rate mortgage where the rate can be changed every month or every day.

5.. An amortization schedule based upon the Bankers year or the exact day 365 day monthly blended payment mortgage

6.. Weekly, biweekly, semi- monthly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly payment schedules.

7.. Amortization schedules based upon any combination of payment frequency and compounding frequency.

8.. Amortization schedules based upon a fixed principal payment plus interest.

9.. An amortization schedule with yearly anniversary payments.

10.. An amortization schedule with negative prepayments as required in a builders loan.

11.. An amortization schedule that allows one to easily change payment frequency in midstream and continue on with the same schedule.

12.. An amortization schedule that shows an expanded present value future value scenario.

13.. A Monthly Compounding, Interest Only payment, amortization schedule.

14.. A Present Value/Future Value, Financial Calculator is available from the Utilities Menu..

15..A declining interest rate schedule with a constant payments or declining payments..

Custom Logo Schedule – If you rename your corporate logo image as RB.BMP file and make the logo a small file, it can be displayed and printed on the top right hand corner of every amortization schedule printed.