Paying back the missed principal portion of the blended payment

There are occasions when a borrower misses a few monthly payments on a mortgage. The mathematics for the Lender to bring the mortgage up to date can be time consuming but with the MORTGAGE2 PRO software its easy. As an example, let us assume a borrower misses payments 7 to 12. The software automatically adds the interest owing to the running balance but the principal portion of each missed payment must also be paid back, else the Lender will not receive the correct yield. The total of the principal portions of the six missed payments is obtained by highlighting the area in the principal column. The $1,051.69 can be paid back along with the 13th payment and it is shown as a positive prepayment in the prepayment column. If the borrower did not have the $1,051.69 to go along with the 13th payment the $1,051.69 can be entered as a negative prepayment and the schedule will still be correct and thus up to date.